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United We Stream

26 July - Arte online program, solo set from the Tempelhof Airport main hall.

KIM: IG Jazz Week

"KIM of Gratitude" performance online, coming second week of August.

Moers Festival:

5 days at Moers is the closest thing to summer camp I can get...

29 Mai: 0:25-1:25 (moers session)
30 Mai: 21:50 (with Silke Eberhard  etc. "51%")
31 Mai: 22:30 (moers session)


"Jazz Pop Etc." program, tba


Lizstream via Heroines of Sound festival, July 2020

w/ Liz Allbee and Korhan Liz Erel

see it on Arte!

Albums coming very soon from SPOILER and **Y**! tba. 

albums with a capital S... multi-releases from both bands...





All-new designs and techniques for face-shield and respiration technology being developed in the Zardkom labs.


::: coming soon, webshop in progress. . . . . . . . . . uh, german bureaucracy in progress.



















Nov 7 - Enjoy Jazz Festival, Ludwigshafen

along with a solo performance, and award ceremony for the SWR Jazz Preis.

Nov 8 - Berlin, Ziegrastr 11
last shows:


16 March, @ Deconstrukt, Brooklyn

VAX PROBRONO  <<< click

17+18 May, @ West Germany, Berlin.

the. scene.

we did it!

KIM - The Mass of Hyphae:

a new piece performed by the KIM collective at Jazzfest Berlin, Nov 1 2019. Plus two days of installation work in the foyer (Oct 30 and 31) Come see this!



new record available!

released April 30 at KM28

**Y** (four star Y)

6 April - West Germany

10 Jun - Labor Sonar

29 Jun - Sowieso

27 Sept - KIMFEST

3 Oct - Inderøy, Norway

4Oct - Ila Brainnstasjon, Trondheim

album soon!


our new set "DIPPER"

Jan 11 - All Ears Festival, Olso 

Jan 27 - WIM festival, Bern

May 11 - XJazz, Berlin

Philipp Rhensius of TAZ on our Moers show of 'Book of Birds' : "A jazz trio that improvises freely at the highest level and at the same time tells a political story about mythology and gender fluidity. My absolute concert of the year." 

>>The Liz website

The Hero of Warchester

Some NYC action on the horizon in 2019/2020... meanwhile combing through the results of that last weird audience-fueled film shoot in Brooklyn.

NRW jazz review


Duo concert with Pascal Niggenkemper in Wuppertal, review <here>


album "Sound Within Sound" is now out spotlighting Pascal's various meetings and collaborations, including our quartet concert with Phillip Zoubek and Etienne Nillesen.

Le 7ème Continent

 Festival "Subran" in Rodez, France this week. Ancient art, Occitan poetry, vocalists, clavichords, synths, other unusual instruments, masks, structured improvisation, what more do you want? 

Sunrise Over a Dystopic Future City
'DYSTOPIA' DVD Album Released 


(in surround sound!)

film by Zach Caldwell.

album (including mask) designed and constructed by me, contact me.




Photos from our residency with the Ballett Im Revier - amazing experience!





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