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Kale Elk

Kale Elk is an experimental music duo which formed in New York in 2009.

케일 엘크(Kale Elk)는 2009년 뉴욕에서 결성된 실험적인 음악 듀오이다.

Kyungmi Lee - flute

Liz Kosack- keyboards

Kale Elk performs programs of improvised music, strange settings of eclectic repertoire, and multimedia pieces. Concerts evoke ceremonial events, transforming the experience with otherworldly sensibilities and shamanistic intent toward renewal. Experiments in theatrical staging and masks often involve the entire audience. They have also incorporated guest musicians and artists, such as Devin Gray, Ben Gerstein, Kate Gentile, Mara Mayer, James Tweedy and many others.


Z.OKale Elk
00:00 / 08:12
Z.PercKale Elk
00:00 / 07:08
Z.organumKale Elk
00:00 / 05:25
A.10Kale Elk
00:00 / 11:44
I Have ThoughtKale Elk w/ Kate Gentile
00:00 / 06:25
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