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Pronounced "Faszjh"

"TRIX" Patrick Breiner

"BIZ" Liz Kosack

"VONE" Devin Gray


16 March 2019 - VAX PREBRONO - Home Audio, Red Hook, Brooklyn

17+18 May 2019 - VAX PROBRONO - West Germany, Berlin   [ LIVE VIDEO album from this, soon ]

7 Nov 2019 - Enjoy Jazz, Ludwigshafen

8 Nov 2019 - Ziegrastr 11, Berlin

25 Jan 2020 - The Record Shop, Red Hook Brooklyn ****

Video :



       Photos of our collaboration with "Ballet im Revier", Gelsenkirchen:


"easily one of the best groups I've ever seen in over two decades in NYC - really amazing."


                                                  - Jacob Sacks


There is nothing careful about how this band plays. In fact, they seem to have thrown caution to the wind as they embark on their daring artistic journeys. There is no facade, no pretension, here, just the fierce drive to break through into the deep interior of music that somehow unites us all. VAX is inspiring.


                                                 - Cisco Bradley, Jazz Right Now


"Unique, engaging, and often very funny, Vax is a satisfying concert experience, musically deep while being entertaining."

"Part jazz, part free-improv, part performance art, part circus sideshow, VAX is one of those musical acts that simply has to be seen and experienced live to fully appreciate its theatrical quality."


                                                 -Jonathan Lindhorst


"I was expecting a good set, but what ensued was way beyond good.

There were no scores. They had worked at this piece in over twenty four hours of rehearsal. They weren't paying each other with money, rather commitment and time. They had found a common goal among them, and decided to pursue it. They were a group. They were a thing.

It was an example of the highest potential of the great musicians of this city (NYC). People need to experience it."


                                                 -Jesse Stacken

Press Links:

- Cisco Bradley: New York and the Death of Art. Jazz Right Now


- NRW review of Ballet Collaboration

- WAZ short review of Museum Bochum performance, WAZ

ALBUMS (on vinyl):

The Sooner You Jump the Better     2013

Count to VAX                                       2014

un-recorded performed sets:

Sexy Sax Tour w/ Konglomerat        2014 DE and France

VAX of July                                           2014 USA tour

Wake Up! (aka the Chainsaw set)    2015 USA and DE

NO LIMITS                                           2016 Collaboration with Ballet im Revier Gelsenkirchen, DE

VAX and Tan Fantasy                         2018 Brooklyn Conservatory

VAX Probrono                                      2019 USA/DE

Snake Jump                                          2019 DE/USA

live at Miss Hecker excerpt - VAX
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