Liz offers mask-making workshops for all ages.

With simple techniques and everyday materials, participants can create fully functional works of original art and explore an endless and vibrant outlet for thier imaginations. They are invited to experience the magic of self-creation and transformation. 





Single afternoon class:


Participants can learn paper sculpture techniques and wear and perform in their facial creations the same day.


basic materials and tools: papers, tape, glue, scissors, utility knives, elastic.

(small or large groups)



Advanced classes:


More advanced techniques can be explored in a series of 3 or 4 classes, focusing on building mechanical structures and also allowing drying times for papier-mache techniques and painting. 


additional materials: Wire, hot glue, mixed media including found objects, paint.

(best with smaller groups)






   Liz has given workshops in mask making, improvisation, ear training, and composition to students of all ages and skill levels.



   Her artistic projects focus on multi-disciplinary groups which are active in Berlin, Germany and also New York city, where her main function is a synthesizer player and composer, and also equally integrates masks, shadow puppets, video editing and projection, lighting, and text into performances. 




Latest workshop at UDK:




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